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The men and women who love books too much

Wed, Nov 4th 2015, 02:13 Under Category ACTC Happenings by actc

If you’ve ever befriended a translator, you’ll agree that most of them are voracious readers (a.k.a bookworms). But there goes the belief that a book hoarder can always understand the sentiments and thoughts attached to a text better than others do, and as translation is more than just transporting words from one language to another, a person who reads often can better bridge cultural difference by being able to translate the deeper meaning of certain words and expressions.

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Hallo, South Asia!

Wed, Oct 28th 2015, 05:37 Under Category Useful Information for the Public by actc

Hindi is very much being understood, if not widely spoken, in South Asian region thanks to the influence of Bollywood. There are also many commonly known English words which are borrowed from Hindi, such as “guru”, “jungle”, “karma”, “yoga”, “cheetah” and “avatar”.

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Would machine translation replace human translators?

Fri, Mar 13th 2015, 18:10 Under Category Useful Information for the Public by actc

The question itself triggers quite a scary thought – it is equal to asking “can technology replace human intelligence?”

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Thoughts on BeiJing’s Calling to Ban Foreign Words in Chinese Media
Mon, May 5th 2014, 16:29 Under Category For Translators and Interpreters by slannie06

Recently, there has been an online turmoil arguing whether or not China‘s state press and publishing body should ban the use of English words. The Chinese officials said: standardized Chinese should be the norm: the press should avoid foreign abbreviations and acronyms, as well as “Chinglish” – which is a mix of English and Chinese.
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How Merry Christmas is Said in Different Languages
Mon, Dec 23rd 2013, 15:38 Under Category For Translators and Interpreters by slannie06

Merry Christmas to all of our blog viewers,do you know how Merry Christmas is said all around the world? Well, you can catch a glimpse of the following list as it includes 114 languages. Please add your own language if it is not included in this list via the comment section of this article.Thank you very much for your lasting support. Again, Happy Holidays!
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Chinese Poetry Translation
Mon, Jun 11th 2012, 11:52 Under Category For Translators and Interpreters by slannie06

In recent years, a fair amount of Chinese poetry has been translated into English, it is fairly clear that a word in Chinese does not always have one clear-cut, fixed meaning, but often covers different meanings, some of which may be mutually exclusive.
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Free Translation Techniques
Mon, Apr 23rd 2012, 12:34 Under Category For Translators and Interpreters by slannie06

Translation is a process of connection between two cultures. There are several translation methods that may be chosen, depending on the aim of the translation: interpretative-communicative (translation of the sense), literal (linguistic transcodification), free (modification of semiotic and communicative categories) and philological (academic or critical translation).
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Intertextuality and Translation
Fri, Dec 30th 2011, 23:18 Under Category by slannie06

As quite a successful text-based approach in translation, intertextuality undermines the originality of the text, it is defined as “the production of meaning from the interrelationships between audience, text, other texts, and the socio-cultural determinations of significance”.
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Wed, Sep 8th 2010, 17:56 Under Category by admin

新加坡ACTC翻译中心,很荣幸能接受《China Daily》(中国日报)采访,并报道于2010年8月6日第19版。同日,《国际商报》也在第6版以华文做了相应报道。
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Quality Translation Services in Singapore
Wed, Sep 8th 2010, 16:01 Under Category For Translators and Interpreters by admin

As we've mentioned in the previous post under ACTC Happenings, Mr Horpton Lee, our Managing Director attended an interview by the World Eye Reports a couple of months ago. These articles were published on 6 August 2010 in China Daily and the World Eye Reports.
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